Jody Scheckter

Jody Scheckter

The only South African to ever win a Grand Prix and a World Championship. Jody is without doubt the most successful South African racing driver winning 10 Grand Prix races and having stood on a Grand Prix podium 33 times. Jody made his Grand Prix debut in 1972 (McLaren) taking his first victory at the Swedish Grand Prix in 1974 driving a Tyrrell. Jody finished third in the World Championship that year. Third again for Tyrrell in 1976 and a fine second for the Wolf team in 1977. After a season long duel with Ferrari team mate Gilles Villeneuve, Jody was finally crowned World Champion in 1979. He retired at the end of a challenging 1980 season. Jody has the unusual distinction of being the only person to ever win a Grand Prix in a car that did not have 4 wheels. He won the Swedish Grand Prix driving the 6 wheeled Tyrell P34 in 1976. 

A Kyalami Legend.

Jody made his Kyalami Grand Prix debut in 1973 (McLaren Ford M19C) starting from the front row (third place) and leading for 10 laps before retiring with engine failure on lap 75. Jody took a historic home victory at Kyalami in 1975 driving a Tyrrell 007 Ford Cosworth, his third of ten Grand Prix victories. He finished second in 1977 (Wolf WR1) and again in 1979 (Ferrari T4) his title winning season. The annual Kyalami 9 Hour endurance race gained as much fame as the annual Grand Prix. The race, originally a 9 hour event, changed in format over the years, also taking the form of a 1000 km event and a 500 Km event. Jody won this race twice. In 1976 he took victory with Gunnar Nilsson driving a BMW 3.0 CSL and in 1977 with Hans Hayer driving a Zakspeed Gr 5 Ford Escort Mk11. Jody won many races at Kyalami before racing overseas most of these victories in a Renault R8 and in the local Formula Ford series.

A true Kyalami legend.

Denis Klopper.

Career Statistics.

Grand Prix Debut - United States Grand Prix 1972

Starts - 112 (113 entries)

Wins - 10

Podiums - 33

Pole Position - 3

Fastest Laps - 5

World Champion - 1 (1979)

Kyalami Grand Prix Starts - 8

Kyalami Grand Prix Wins - 1

Kyalami Pole Positions - 1

Kyalami Grand Prix Podiums - 3 << Back to The Jody Scheckter Paddock Area